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The Start of HyeNoor

In 2020 during the height of the Artsakh War, Hilda Avanessian and Harry Kevorkian created HyeNoor a Farmers Market Organization that gives back!

The husband and wife duo had a vision to provide an environment where small businesses in the local community could come together, sell their homemade products and also give back to victims of the Artsakh War.

Three years later HyeNoor has two booming locations; the Downtown Burbank Cultural Market as well as the Glendale Artsakh Farmers Market.

Their philanthropic efforts have helped not only our brothers and sisters back home but also aiding the homeless community in Los Angeles.

Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision is to create a weekly farmers market that serves the local community with fresh produce, artisanal snacks and handmade goods.  The fruition of our vision would help local small business owners and the community at large to give back and support our local brothers and sisters as well as those in Armenia.

COAFs Mission is to “Provide resources to children and adults with COAF SMART initiatives to advance rural communities through innovation”.

HyeNoor Charities

Since we are a philanthropic Farmers Market we ask our Vendors to donate a portion of their sales to one of three charities we work with.

We actively work with FASF and COAF two Non-Profits that connect the Armenian Diaspora to their Motherland.

We are also proud to work with a local Non-Profit that is near and dear to HyeNoor, Home Again Los Angeles.

We hope you consider giving a helping hand.

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