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Downtown Burbank Cultural Market

The Grand Opening that took place on Friday June 24, 2022 was a huge success.  We are so very grateful for all the City Officials for taking the time out of their day to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.

As a reminder the Downtown Burbank Cultural Market is located at the AMC 16 Theater Walk Way 125 E. Palm Avenue in the city of Burbank.  There is plenty of free parking as well as metered parking along the street.

There are a few available spots for vendors that would like to apply to participate, if interested you can apply here.

Home Again L.A. Downtown Burbank Cultural Markets Beneficiary

Home Again Los Angeles is the local non-profit organization the HyeNoor has chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds too.  Home Again Los Angeles was chosen due to their mission to assist homeless and on the verge of homelessness families.  They provide supportive services that lead to stable employment, increase household income and attain permanent housing all which are effective ways to beat homelessness in L.A.  You can find more information about Home Again Los Angeles at the bottom of our Donate page.

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Glendale Artsakh

 Farmers Market

We are very excited to have finally found a permanent location for the Glendale Artsakh Farmers’ Market.  The City of Glendale has shown their support towards HyeNoor and has allowed us to set up the farmers market on Artsakh Street between Harvard & Broadway.

We are accepting applications for Growers, Pre-Packaged, Craft Vendors & Food Trucks.

If interested in applying to participate you can find more information and you may apply here.

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