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Their Mission

FASF, Friends of the Armenian Soldier and Family, is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the fallen and disabled Armenian soldiers and their families.  Specifically, FASF is an online fundraising platform that will bridge the gap between the diaspora and our brave heroes in Armenia through ongoing monthly contributions that support these families as they regain their strength, rebuild their lives, and return to contributing to their communities.


FASF partners with organizations on the ground in Armenia to deliver career training programs, rehabilitation services, and support for the everyday lives of these surviving veterans and the families of those who have fallen. Through a model that considers needs, capabilities, and motivation, FASF will create lasting impact to ensure that the Armenian hero and his family can grow and prosper as a complete part of society.


FASF envisions a world in which Armenians in the diaspora feel a shared responsibility to continuously support the needs of our veterans — a duty that is expressed through continuous monthly contributions.  Please visit FASF.org to learn more about their efforts and their first grant recipient the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen.  Consider becoming a Friend and Donate to FASF on its mission of creating a culture of continuous support for the families of the fallen and injured Armenian Soldiers.

Friends of the Armenian Soldier & Family
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Their Mission

Karakert was the first village community where COAF launched its efforts, with the renovation of one of the local schools being the first major project implemented. COAF soon realized the needs in villages went beyond just infrastructure improvements, and created education, healthcare, social services and economic development programs designed with a community-based holistic approach in mind.

COAF remains committed to providing children, youth and their families with opportunities to realize their potential and reach for the stars. Empowering people living throughout rural Armenia, has brought about dramatic results in terms of individuals defining their own futures and being active participants in the ushering of a New Armenia after enduring many setbacks throughout history.

They started with one village in 2003 and today COAFs innovative programs and infrastructure projects have changed the lives of over 107,000 people across 64 villages in 6 provinces of Armenia, with an overall investment of $50 million.

Please visit COAF.org to learn more about their efforts and consider donating to further advance their plans.

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Home Again L.A.


Their Mission

Home Again Los Angeles is a local non-profit organization whose mission is to assist homeless and on the verge of homelessness families by providing supportive services that lead to stable employment, increase household income and attain permanent housing.

Home Again L.A. was created in 2010 to help first time homeless families by providing temporary shelter, food, access to laundry and shower facilities and support from their compassionate case managers.  Since 2010, Home Again L.A. has helped over 1,000 families through its various programs.  They offer five core programs which include;

  1. Shelter
  2. Rapid Rehousing
  3. Transitional Housing
  4. Eviction Prevention
  5. Community Education Workshops

In 2021, the organization placed 97% of homeless families into permanent housing while also assisting 324 families with eviction prevention funding. Home Again L.A. is an important part of the community as they aim to give families who have fallen on hard times an opportunity to get back on their feet and become contributing members of our community.

Please visit HomeAgainLA.org to learn more about their efforts and was you can donate and prevent a family from experiencing homelessness.

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